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Valuation and Litigation Services in Carmel, CA


Valuation Services

Our valuation services are used by attorneys, accountants, financial advisors and clients to achieve their goals in the following areas:
  • Estate and Gift Tax Compliance and Planning
  • Valuation Discount Analysis for Funding of Trusts, & Gift and Estate Reporting
  • Resolution of Litigated Matters, including Civil Litigation and Family Law Matters
  • Transactional Advisory, including Test of Purchase Price and Setting of Sale Price
  • Admission of New Partners
  • Buy-Sell Agreements and Buyouts of Co-Owners
  • Eminent Domain Cases
  • Resolution of Bankruptcy Matters
Real Estate Valuation - Valuation and Litigation Services in Carmel, CA

Industries Served

  • Agribusiness
  • Valuation Discount Analysis for Asset Holding Companies And Tenancy In Common Interests
  • Professional Service Firms Including: Law Firms, Real Estate Companies, Accounting Firms
  • Professional Service Firms Including: Consulting Practices and Financial Planning Firms
  • Medical and Veterinary Practices
  • Real Estate Holding Companies
  • Mixed Asset Holding Companies
  • Restaurants and Hospitality
  • Galleries and Art Production Companies
  • Retail Stores and Gas Stations
  • Wineries and Distilleries
  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction Firms
  • Valuation of Financial Assets Including Leases, Life Estates, And Nonmarket Promissory Notes
Consulting Firms - Litigation and Valuation Services - Carmel, CA - Savage & Lucido
Business Appraisal - - Litigation and Valuation Services - Carmel, CA - Savage & Lucido
Our partners and valuation staff have over 30 years of combined experience in determining the value of closely held companies and complex financial instruments. We have appraised more than 700 companies throughout the western states. We have qualified as experts in valuation and forensic accounting in the California Superior Courts.

Litigation Services

Our team has successfully worked on civil, criminal, and family law litigation in the following areas:
  • Damages Claims and Economic Loss Analysis
  • Valuation Testimony in Family Law Matters, Eminent Domain, and Dissenting Shareholder Cases
  • Family Law Accounting Matters, including Income Analysis and Separate Asset Tracing
  • Forensic Analysis, Theft, Misappropriation of Assets, and Criminal and Civil Fraud

Professional Expert Witness Testimony

Clark Savage, CPA/ASA, ABV, CFF, provides expert witness testimony on behalf of firm clients. With more than 30 years in practice and having experience as a college professor, he is accomplished in making the unexplainable understandable. Having testified both in bench and jury trials he understands the impact of providing quality quantitative analysis that is intentionally made understandable so that it can be impactful and meaningful for a trier of fact.
Please note, Mr. Savage cannot be disclosed or designated as a trial expert without first obtaining a signed engagement agreement with the firm of Savage Accountancy, APC.
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